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Later, the drapery became more fluid, with a greater variation in the folds gained by having one hand of the kore pull the drapery tightly across thighs and buttocks. All the garments displayed pattern, either on borders or as single ornaments scattered over larger areas. Kore of Lyons is part of the Korai of the Acropolis in Athens. She is an example of the Ionian style, supporting the relationship and influence between Athens and Ionia. Although the it is unclear to historians of her function, the Kore of Lyons may have been a caryatid or a votive offering. There is debate among historians about who the kore is supposed to depict.


Her body was adorned with jewelry which included a necklace, earrings and a bracelet and on her head she wore a headdress . Due to the unique preservation of this kore traces of paint have been found on the stone. EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon women’s basketball head coach Kelly Graves has announced the Ducks’… CORVALLIS – The Oregon State women’s basketball team has announced its nonconference schedule for… The Phrasikleia Kore is another example of polychromy being an important part of the korai. When the sculptor designed this kore, the marble was incised, creating a light relief of a pattern.

Identify, evaluate and optimize partnerships that fit your business objectives with the most robust industry data set, benchmarking tools, and real-time insights that your team can confidently activate on. For nearly 20 years, KORE has helped its customers turn complex, fragmented IoT offerings into compelling new services that are designed for simplicity and scale. The Peplos Kore which dates to 530 BCE was from the Athenian acropolis and was one of the last known korai shown to be wearing the peplos as a form of dress. This statue was constructed from several pieces of marble, as the left arm and hand were missing. There were indications that many details of the Peplos Kore were painted, including her hair, eyes, lips, and eyebrows. She was adorned with metal additions—a wreath, earrings, and a pin, however only the holes as indications of these metal additions remained.

Statement from Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens, head football coach Dan Lanning, and the… SAN FRANCISCO – Next week, Pac-12 coaches and student-athletes will preview the upcoming basketball seasons… When enabled, off-topic review What is Kore activity will be filtered out. We are real, honest people (and friends of yours, we hope!) who offer a “distinctly you” approach in reaching your audience with intent. We understand the challenges you face and aim to make everything easy.

That would be more divine beings than Greeks had in their pantheon. However, some of the korai are divine figures, such as the Nikandre Kore as a statue of Artemis. Automate data aggregation with powerful integrations that give your teams more time to analyze important insights and make smarter, data-driven decisions. Unify and track metrics that matter to your business – like social, sales, and brand power – to understand performance and impact of your partnerships.

Kore’s carbon negative pyrolysis process represents a paradigm shift, offering businesses an environmentally and economically sustainable way to convert organic waste into renewable energy. This means more incentives to decarbonize, fewer landfills and incinerators, permanent carbon sequestration, and measurable environmental impact in our lifetime. In Egyptian and some Mesopotamian statues can be seen the same renderings of parallel, slanting, and radiating folds and ridges, as well as the archlike hemline that allows the feet to protrude.

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BALTIMORE, Md. – Oregon State redshirt junior quarterback Chance Nolan has been named to… EUGENE, Ore. — Defensive end Brandon Dorlus has been named the Pac-12 co-defensive lineman… EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon football’s game at Arizona on Saturday, Oct. 8, will kick… EUGENE, Ore. — Junior Mase Funa has been named the Pac-12 defensive lineman of… EUGENE, Ore. – Oregon set a program record with nine former Ducks on Major… EUGENE, Ore. — The No. 12 ranked Oregon football team will host No. 11…


Phrasikleia Kore (550–540 BC, Athens) functioned as a grave marker for Phrasikleia. The inscription states that she died at a young age and forever will be a “maiden”. “Over the seven years I’ve worked with KORE, if I dream up something I want in CRM they have always delivered a solution. Even if it’s never been done before.”

We’re 100% focused on IoT, with a global reach and a firm commitment to innovation, which can help you accelerate time to market and build success into every step of the IoT lifecycle. We understand that achieving your brand communication goals means finding a partner who is committed to your success on a holistic level. We may be that friendly, family-owned company who lives around the block, but we are also mighty. From customer service to web-store platforms to the warehouse floor, we know what it takes to elevate and deliver your brand. Our Intelligence platform connects brands, sports, and entertainment properties directly with fans by humanizing data and insights. Experience all the tools needed to manage, measure, and optimize your partnership strategy in one spot.

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The peplos was replaced with a sleeved chiton in the sixth century. The sleeved chiton could be worn alone or with a himation draped from the right shoulder to below the left armpit . The sixth century korai reflected this change in accepted style of dress. The korai became elaborate and highly decorated during this time as the garment showed elements of ornamentation. Remnants of paint found on some korai indicated that the chiton was brightly colored, as the marble had often been painted with red, yellow and blue paints. We specialize in extending the enterprise through integrated best-in-class solutions.

CORVALLIS – The Oregon State women’s basketball team announced game times for six nonconference… It is important for those who study korai and other ancient Greek art to understand that originally many of the works were colored. There is an aesthetic misconception that the sculptures were pure white marble. The marble is only the skeleton of the sculpture, not the complete piece. Ignoring the polychrome of a sculpture will only show half of the context behind it.

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  • The “divinities” theory suggests that the korai represent goddesses, nymphs, and other types of female deities.
  • EUGENE, Ore. – The Oregon baseball team will play 55 regular-season games in 2023,…
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Peplos Kore (530–520 BC, Athens) received her name from the type of clothing she is wearing. It is strongly believed by historians that this kore is a goddess. However, it has been difficult to identify whether she is Athena or Artemis. “Prior to our partnership with KORE, it would take a long time to get business reporting numbers – something simple like our revenue numbers would take days and even then it wasn’t 100% accurate.” “We didn’t just buy KORE’s applications, we bought their team of experts also; we view them as true partners.”

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon head women’s basketball coach Kelly Graves and redshirt senior Sedona… We build lasting ties with our clients by understanding their preferences and behavior, adapting our role for each unique partnership. Sometimes we’re the outsourced advertising department; sometimes the clever intern. But we’re always the stylish friend with all the connections. Kore’s commercial-scale facility in downtown Los Angeles is co-sponsored by SoCalGas and the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Kore is also developing strategic partnerships with some of the biggest players in the energy, waste management, and transportation sectors.

Their arm is extended and offers gifts of fruit, flowers, and birds. Patrons used korai as offerings to the deities or the dead. Korai symbolize their function by narrating the scene of exchange. The world’s largest and most valuable brands, properties, and agencies trust the platform to power their engagement strategy.

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I understand that the password-protected section is a secure web site intended only to allow a client access to information relative to his/her/its specific account. I also understand that I will be assigned an individual password. I hereby release and hold Company harmless from any adverse consequences relative to any failure by me to keep the identity of my password secure. If you would like to build a specific flavor, you can enable those by setting a shell environment variable before running make. Today Kore is used in a variety of applications ranging from high assurance cryptographic devices, machine-learning stacks and even in the aerospace industry.

Basically, the kore is a draped female figure—carved from marble and originally painted—standing erect with feet together or sometimes with one foot, usually the left, slightly advanced. Antenor Kore (530–520 BC, Athens) was named after her sculptor, Antenor, who also created the Tyrannicides. The sculpture was commissioned and dedicated by Nearchos to Athenian Acropolis. Historians believe that she may be a representation of a goddess. The “agalmata” theory proposes that many korai are generic maidens who represent the Archaic ideal of female beauty.

This password-protected access is made available to clients of Company free of charge. This authorization shall continue until canceled in writing. Learn why Womack Electric Supply selected Kore Technologies as its eCommerce technology partner to help them create and implement two websites that are fully integrated with its Epicor Eclipse ERP system. B2B & B2C eCommerce Storefront and Portal solutions that are fully integrated with your ERP application with support for advanced pricing matrices, product information management and content management.

One theory is that the kore is Aphrodite because she is holding a dove, which is a symbol of the goddess. The more prestigious the use of color indicated a higher social position due to the high cost of dyes. In addition, color was used to depict jewelry or gems graphically on a kore. If the patron was wealthy, the sculptors could use jewelry and metals as aspects of their sculpture. We provide clean, deduplicated data that improves your customer journeys, advances fan segmentation, and feeds accurate, qualified leads to sales teams.

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As fashions changed, so did the type of clothing they wore. Over time, korai went from the heavy peplos to lighter garments such as the chiton. Their posture is rigid and column-like, sometimes with an extended arm.

Reliant Kore

Korai were used as votive offerings to deities, mainly goddesses such as Athena and Artemis. Votive offerings are gifts given to the deities for worship or payment for favors. Korai not only acted as an offering to a deity, but could be used to show off economic and social standing within a polis.

Our customers benefit from our secure, scalable solutions and are assured that projects will be completed on time. Used to support advertising and/or promotional efforts and most often used by KORE Power’s third-party platforms to serve ads after a user has ended a browsing session. Teams across the globe use our intelligence platform to improve results, measure performance, and discover future strategic opportunities. Increase the value of your sponsorships and consumer engagements with one connected ecosystem of solutions, data and insights. Small supply runs from a planet’s surface to a nearby orbital station have become commonplace.

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